Things you don’t want to miss out about the glorious Rainbow Moonstone

From our long list of favorites, the next in line is the glorious Rainbow Moonstone! From its angelic shimmer to its iridescent colors, there’s nothing we would change about it. Its appearance makes it the ideal gemstone for daily wear jewelry, as the white of the stone goes with almost everything!

Read on to know what sets this gemstone apart from the others.

So what is this beauty all about?

Rainbow moonstone is transparent labradorite, a closely related feldspar mineral with sheen in a variety of iridescent colors. Although it’s technically not moonstone, it’s similar enough that the trade has accepted it as a gem in its own right. Today some people prefer it to traditional moonstone.

Where to find it?

This superb stone is found in quite a few locations like India, Burma, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Australia and the USA.

These stones have been in use for a very long time, and have been found in pieces dating back over 2000 years, both in Oriental countries and in Moonstone jewelry from the Roman empire.
The colors!

While Moonstone generally occurs in several varying shades and colors, the Rainbow Moonstone is usually white, to almost clear at times, and usually has a bluish shimmer to it. This color effect is due to its inner structure being a laminate of feldspar which bends light, the same effect as the flash that comes from Labradorite. In this one though, it is potassium that provides the shimmering blue color effect.

What makes it glow?

The unique coloration and appearance of this soft, semi-transparent form of moonstone are caused by the way that the mineral is formed.

Two different types of feldspar mix together, and then, as the mineral cools, arrange themselves in alternating layers. These layers scatter light, unlike most stones, which either absorb light or let light pass through them completely. This is what leads to the appearance of glowing from within.

Oooo interesting.

In essence, rainbow moonstone has the ability to balance the yin and yang energies within. Rainbow moonstone represents the Yin energy, and attracts peaceful energy and brings about a calm balanced state.

In women, rainbow moonstone will help women to recognize and embrace their own personal power. In men, the right side of the brain become more activated, creating a more emotionally balanced state, non-linear thinking, and helps him to become more in tune with the feminine aspects of himself.

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