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Posted by | September 19, 2019
Jewelry Photography Done Right 101

With the Digital era ushering in, there is a greater need for visual content connection for people. We all want to make a good impression on our potential customers and...

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Posted by | August 3, 2019
Know and Nourish your life force, balancing it with healing crystals.

Do you feel that it is not your best day today? Do you feel that you are being bogged down by various emotional, physical and mental issues? When everyday things...

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Posted by | December 8, 2017
DIY Ideas For Christmas Gifting

Follow my blog with Bloglovin By now, we must have made it noticeably obvious how much we love DIYs. We also know how much you dread holiday shopping and how...

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Posted by | December 6, 2017
5 Must-Try DIYs For Christmas Decorations

The time of the year has come on the scene again when we can't contain our happiness and zeal. Yes, it's Christmas month we're talking about! It's time to festive...

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Posted by | December 4, 2017
DIY jewelry making ideas you should try right away

The do-it-yourself world is certainly one of the best gifts to mankind. Almost everything you see around can be made yourself, all it requires is the skill and a good...

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Posted by | November 20, 2017
Last Minute Gifting Ideas for Thanksgiving (courtesy – the procrastinator in you)

With the festive season down the pike, we tend to feel a little worked up about a number of things. Be it hosting the dinner, having guests over, preparing a...

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Posted by | September 2, 2017
How to Make Your Employees Feel Special on Labor Day

The much awaited long weekend is finally here! It's Labor Day. Everything's on sale, restaurants are offering happy hours and everyone is out enjoying the last few days of summer....

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