Step-by-Step Guide To Ace The Reverse Smokey Eyes Look

Fall is almost here. Soon it’ll all be about pumpkin spice, fuzzy hoodies, bold lips and smokey eyes. Smokey eyes are classic and can never go out of style. However, smokey-eye makeup isn’t the easiest to pull-off. It doesn’t look the best when worn during the day. Many a time it also ends up looking gothic. So, what’s the solution for it? How can you pull-off dramatic, black eye makeup without looking OTT? The answer to these questions is the reverse smokey eye. Confused? Don’t be. It’s simpler, it’s cleaner and also helps open up your eyes making you look younger and fresher.

Here is a step-by-step guide to ace the smokey eyes look:

What You Will Need: Black Eye Shadow Powder, Eyeshadow Kit, Brushes, Gel Eyeliner,  Eyelash Curler, Mascara, White Eyeshadow, Kohl Pencil.

* Before you go ahead, please check none of your eye makeup products is expired. Eyes are the most sensitive part of your body and you must never bring expiry makeup near them.* 

Step 1: Apply some white eyeshadow on your eyebrow bone for a base. White eyeshadow will pep-up your eyes and give your eyebrows a clean and defined look. 

Step One: Apply Light Eye Shadow

Step 2: Use a brown eyeshadow as a transition shade and apply it on the crease of your eyelid. Make sure you pick the brown color according to your skin. The deeper your skin color is, the darker should be the shade of your brown eyeshadow. 

Step 3: Now use a kohl pencil and draw over the same crease or just slightly below it. Start blending this line using a hint of black eye shadow.

Step Three: Blend

Step 4:  Apply some white eyeshadow to your lower eyelid. The white eye shadows will help clean up your lower definition and will make your eyes appear bigger and fresher. 

Step 5: Next, apply a gel eyeliner and don’t worry about being super precise. The reverse smokey eye trend is all about keeping it natural. And if there are any flaws, they’ll get blended in the next step. 

Step 6: Now take your blending brush and carefully start blending your eyeliner. Use a gentle hand to blend your makeup, otherwise, you might end up hurting your eyes. 

Step Four: Smoke It Out

Step 7: Using the same brush, blend slightly across your lower lid as well. 

Step 8: Now coming to the most important part of eyes, eyelashes! Use an eyelash curler to curl your eyelashes. Now, carefully apply your mascara. Make sure there are no clumps. When you’ve achieved the desired length and volume let it dry and you are good to go!


Now that you’ve achieved the desired eye-makeup look, get ready to be showered with compliments from your friends, family and colleagues. As the reverse smokey eye isn’t as dramatic as the smokey eye look you can wear it to a casual date night, your office party or even a brunch with your girlfriends.

We hope this tutorial was easy to follow and helped you ace the reverse smokey eye look. Please share this with fellow makeup enthusiasts and if you’ve tips and hacks related to eye-makeup please let us know in the comments below.

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Image Credits: Byride 

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