How to start your day like a real girl boss!

When you are an entrepreneur, things and tasks pop out of thin air and suddenly your entire day is all over the place and skewed; having said that the only time you might have to yourself are the mornings. So today we’re telling how to reclaim your mornings and start your day maybe not say groggy with a routine. Scroll down to know how to start your day like a real girl boss!

Start Early

Staying in bed is very tempting, trust us we know. A few extra minutes of sleep seem precious enough to sacrifice getting to work on time, but being an early bird has only benefits on the other side. Bribe yourself with a good cup of coffee or set motivational songs as your alarm tone to get you geared up; you don’t have to get out of bed, stay in and read something or maybe eat in bed, but start early.

Say No to Social Media

As tempting as it is, don’t make checking Instagram, twitter etc. the first thing you do in the morning. Going through other people’s feeds (mostly strangers) will not make your day better. Keep your phone away or at least phone down. Use the time wisely, by maybe making an actual breakfast for yourself or make a to-do list with actual pen and paper. Your day will feel more put together. 

Sweat it Out

Early morning workouts seem to be the work of Satan himself, but the after-effects of a good sweaty workout are pure bliss. It doesn’t have to be intense cardio or jogging (we all hate that!); light meditation or yoga or even just a walk around the neighborhood to get some fresh air in your system is good enough. Your organs will thank you!

Some Reading

Yes, we know that getting your daily news online is very easy and convenient, and you will probably only read news you want to; but we say sit down and make reading an actual newspaper a part of your routine. A good breakfast while flipping pages of a daily is a good way to start your day.

Signature Look

Having a signature look or an everyday routine for your makeup is a good way to get into habit. It will also save you time in the morning, when you already know what you have to do. Plus having the same makeup and getting routine every morning is very therapeutic as well.

So there you have it, a small but effective guide on how to start your day like a real girl boss. So get to slaying ladies!

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