Last Minute Gifting Ideas for Thanksgiving (courtesy – the procrastinator in you)

With the festive season down the pike, we tend to feel a little worked up about a number of things. Be it hosting the dinner, having guests over, preparing a scrumptious meal and the list goes on. It’s also the ideal time of the year to express your gratitude towards the people you adore. Nothing better than some fun gifts, right?!

Either you’re having guests over for dinner or you’re headed to one as a guest or if it’s simply for a coworker, it’s always a good idea to express your appreciation with a gift. Often we feel we have so much work upon us already, so here are some gift ideas that are easy, pocket-friendly as well as procurable in the nick of time.


1. A jar of love

This is the instant solution to your gifting problems. Grab a glass bottle or a jar, fill it with some candies or some yum treats, put the lid on it and tie a decorative ribbon around the neck of the container.


2. A cookie tower

What better way is there than to cook for them and tell them that you care! Let your hands do the talking by baking some cookies with the core ingredient being your love, or get them ready made from a store. Stack them one on top of the other and wrap a plastic sheet around it with the opening being at the top. Tie it with a decorative ribbon/string, forming a bow.


3. Basket full of happiness

Prepare a fun-filled basket for them including things they’d like. Get a cane basket or any other basket for that matter, put maple leaves inside for the base and fill the basket with candy bars, biscuit packs, candies, wafers, a bottle of wine and anything else that’s promptly accessible for you. Wrap it with a plastic transparent sheet. If the basket comes with a handle then you can wrap a ribbon around that too.


4. A ray of optimism

Gift them this elegant customized piece wishing them a life full of hope and light. Get a cylindrical glass jar that doesn’t come with a lid and fill it halfway with raw popcorn seeds. Put a medium sized candle on top of the load of seeds and tie a braided or loose hay strings around the jar.


5. For your pumpkin

If you have leftover pumpkins from Halloween, nothing works better. Take a small pumpkin and hollow it out. Arrange some fall flowers in it in a presentable fashion and you’re good to go.


6.  Thank them for ‘beering’ with you

As a guest to contribute to the dinner and show your courtesy, get a carat of 6 beers and put cardboard on the base as well as on all the sides, covering the carat halfway. Wrap it in a plastic sheet and tie it with a braided hay string.


7. Conical surprise

This will be as easy as it gets, with something you can find right around the corner. Get some waffle cones and fill them with small sized candies. Wrap them individually in plastic sheets and tie them with ribbons on top. Lay them on a tray and cover it with a solid colored net fabric.


8. Reasons to be thankful

If you want to gift them something to remember for days to come, this is it. Take a moderately sized glass jar that comes with a lid, fill it with loose hay and several notes folded, writing reasons you want to thank them for. Put the lid and tie a ribbon around the neck.


9. Bundle of joy

To instantly brighten up their dinner table, gift them a centerpiece made out of a bundle of several wheat branches tied together from the center in a thick ribbon-shaped jute to give those autumnal vibes.


10. The loaf of sweetness

Something as simple as a loaf of bread wrapped in a plastic sheet and tied around with jute in a decorative manner can work wonders if done right.

Hopefully, these ideas met your fancy and you’re able to make someone’s day.

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