Home Date Ideas That’ll Make You Want To Stay At Home This Valentine’s Day

So the ‘day of love’ (not like the other days are any less lovable) is imminent and most of you are already searching high and low for things and ideas that will please your pumpkins. The Cupid is all set and prepared to shoot its arrow. You’ve probably been saving up for this for weeks and may have plans to go beyond your budget because your sugar drops deserve the best.

But, we suggest you hold your horses. Who says the amount of bucks you spend is directly proportional to your love for them? If you’ve been racking your brains for quite a while, hand the task over to us.

What if we tell you, if you read on, you might actually end up having the best Valentine’s Day, ever, without having to spend much? We’ve brought the ideal date ideas you can plan at home, which will be easy on your pockets and you’ll actually get to spend quality time with your sweeties. Let’s find out how!

Take-out Food and Candlelight

Okay, so you still get to have your favorite dish from your favorite restaurant. What you can do is, prepare a table with a tablecloth, a nice candle in the middle, put your favorite take-out meal and a good wine with glasses on the table. We know you bring take-out meal home all the time, but take our word for it, this will be special. Make your surroundings dim and you might also want to lay some balloons and rose petals on the floor to amp it up.

Have a cook-off

This might turn out to be more fun than it sounds. Get two easy recipes from the internet for each of you and set a deadline.

A Movie Marathon

We know those cheesy romantic movies are not everyone’s cup of tea, but since it’s a special day, your partner can make do. Grab a bunch of finger foods, get all cozy in bed and put on a nice rom-com flick because hey, they aren’t as intense and they’ll still do the job, i.e. express your emotions.

A Bubbly Bubble Bath

For this, the first and the foremost, you need to set the mood. Light some candles, put on some relaxing music and spread some rose petals on the bubbles. You might want to keep it a surprise for your partner. Blindfold them and lead them to the bathtub, then disclose it. We bet the entire feel of it will instantly calm them down and release all that stress.

Get. Set. Sketch!

Ever wondered how your partner sees you as? Well, this will help. Grab a sketchbook each and make your best sketches of each other. You might also want to frame the results (of course, only if your sketches don’t look like sheer disappointments).

Near the fireplace

Do you have an air mattress that you can move around? You’ll need it here. Put it near the fireplace and make yourselves all comfortable. You could roast marshmallows in the fireplace and set up a picnic on the floor. If you want, you could also read a book together or play fun board games or ask each other questions you’ve never asked before and get to know your partner better. You could also give each other a relaxing massage, while you’re at it.

Your Own Karaoke Night

Karaokes don’t always require a huge setup, which may seem like a lot of work. You just need instrumentals of songs, which you can get on the internet and sing away! Pick some romantic numbers and you may also record it and keep it on your phone as a memory (even if the recordings aren’t worth keeping as a memory, but that’s the fun part)

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