5 Proven Steps To Achieve Goals In 2018 (With Free Planners)

It’s almost time for a fresh new start as we’re wrapping up the year and gearing up for the next. It’s like a tornado of mixed emotions. For some, this has been a great year and they wouldn’t want it to end. For some, not so good but they’re hopeful for the one to come. We want to wish for the best but we need to be prepared for the worst. But the time to press the “reset” button certainly fills us all with hope.

It’s only human to look forward to growth and better days. We all have some goals and aspirations we continually work upon, which are also the reason behind those sleepless nights for some. We’re constantly pushing ourselves towards it, but also wondering what’s taking so long. There’s no secret to success. The path we take is what makes all the difference. Your dreams might seem impossible to realize and unrealistic right now. But then again, if it was possible then why would you call it a dream?!

Read ahead for our guide to achieving your goals in 2018, which will assuredly help you get one step closer.

1. Pen your goals

Whatever goal it is that you want to accomplish in 2018, visualize it. Picture it in vivid, specific details and write it down.
Writing down things does more good than you can ever imagine, which is a scientifically proven fact. Whatever your goal may be, big or small, realistic or unrealistic just grab a journal or hop onto your keyboard and write it down.

2. Rule out negativity

You are solely in charge of the vibes you attract and the energy you allow in your life. Our brains are continuously shaped by our thoughts and experiences. What you feed it, it gives you back.
Negativity is one of the most toxic forces in the world today and it restricts and affects your ability to stay motivated.Filter out opinions of other people. You don’t have to put a lot of thought into others’ views. Some pieces of advice are uncalled and unasked for and they do you no good. Make your pick wisely.

3. Learn from the best

Feed your mind examples of people who have spoken out and stood up for what they believed.
There are so many biographies out there, that have documented some great people’s path to success along with their falls, stumbles, failures, and victories. Real life stories don’t just motivate you to keep moving ahead, but the things you get to witness are an inevitable part of your own journey so you know you’re not alone.

4. Fast forward

Think about what is going to matter when you’re old, the things you did or the things you didn’t do. What may seem important right now may not hold any relevance fifty years later.
When you’re taking your last breath, none of the opinions you paid heed to are going to make any sense but the voice of regret, for the times you didn’t listen to your heart, is going to resonate. So listen to yourself, because eventually, that’s the only voice you need to listen to.

5. Action is key

Know one thing, action is the antidote to fear. Everything takes time to show results.
Every great person that you know today has spent years and years of struggle and hard work. It just needs some patience and constant perseverance. Step by step and brick by brick. One thing at a time, one action at a time. Just keep acting on it and you should be there!

We hope your 2018 be full of love, light, motivation, and positivity. Whatever you’ve planned for the year, we hope it’s well executed. Inhale the positive, exhale the negative. Live well.

Also, we want to assist you pen your goals down and plan your year better. Here are free printable planners for you to start off with.

Download free 2018 Goal Planners and Habit Tracker

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