Everything you need to know about Druzy

Since there are hundreds of gemstones in the world and we love them all so much, we couldn’t help but write about another stunning gemstone in our top favorites’ list. This one will blow your mind too!

What is Druzy?

Also known as Druze, Drusie or Drussy, a Druzy is a bunch of tiny crystals of minerals that form on the surface of a stone. It gets its name from the word “druse,” which means a rock surface covered with tiny crystals. Because there are numerous types of minerals, there are many types of Druzy stones, as well. Doesn’t matter what mineral forms the Druzy because the overall appearance usually resembles that of sugar, snow or salt. Like glitter. How cool is that?!

The characteristics

All types of druzys have some particular characteristics, such as crystal size, brightness, and color. These tiny crystals have a reflective surface that glitters and captures rays of light. This makes it look beautiful and these glittering rocks are sought-after by jewelry lovers and rock hounds. The most frequently found colors are white, yellow, red, brown, orange and it can be almost any color of the rainbow, which is determined by the minerals, of course.

Some Geology and Geography

Geologically, the formation of crystals on the rock takes place when water brings minerals onto a rock’s surface. When the water from the surface evaporates, cooling occurs and the minerals are left behind to form crystals on top of the rock. Geographically, Druzy formations can be found in any location in which there is a place for water to collect and evaporate on a rock. It mostly appears along river beds and seashores.

A special mention to Quartz Druzy

Quartz Druzy is one of the most common types of Druzy because of the predominance of silica throughout the world. Quartz Druzy is made of a bunch of tiny crystals and has a velvety soft appearance to it. Depending on some factors, there can be large formed crystals or many medium crystals with the formation. It is available in mostly neutral natural colors. Also, many quartz pieces are dyed black or other colors, and some are coated with titanium or other metallic vapor to create various iridescent finishes.

A Titanium Quartz Druzy pendant from our store

There’s a reason why Druzy gained popularity in recent years. It’s because it’s an inexpensive material to work with, but the finished pieces look like it’s an expensive gem, on the contrary. The stone obtained for a much lower price as compared to the other gemstones.

In jewelry

Druzy also is used with a variety of natural gemstones including agate, crystalline quartz and more. Druzy, as a matter of fact, can be colored by electroplating, which is a process similar to rhodium application. It gives the stone a fancy look, and a brighter appearance than the natural stone is.

Due to its sparkling appearance, Druzy is often used in jewelry making. The glittering effect of the tiny crystals and the color of the base mineral both are important factors when selecting Druzy for this purpose.

Druzy in fashion jewelry looks nothing less than a treat to the eyes! There are a variety of Druzy earrings, Druzy rings, Druzy necklaces, and Druzy bracelets out there available in a variety of color options, cuts, and shapes. The Druzy stud earrings look minimal and are perfect for anyone who likes a little sparkle in their everyday look and doesn’t mind all the attention they’re going to get because of its super attractive appearance.

Large Druzy stones can also be cut into smaller pieces, in free form or in their natural rough form and used as setting stones in rings. They are sure to add a nice kind of rawness to your look! These smaller stones can also be wrapped with wire and used in making jewelry pieces of your choice. Geode Druzy stones can also be cut into smaller pieces and used as they are. This natural look and feel of druzy in jewelry is often desired and appreciated by jewelry lovers.

The "Gemstone of Heaven"

Druzy is popularly known as “The Gemstone of Heaven”. Let us tell you why. It’s commonly believed that it endorses strength and promotes fresh ideas to lead an individual’s growth. Druzy is also a carrier of harmony, patience, and optimism. Its significant effect on a person’s body and mind aids one to get the highest wisdom.

Check out its super cool properties!

It is believed that Druzy helps the individual be calm, contained and eliminate anxiety levels. This stone is considered to be helpful in mobilizing obstructed power and help its user find their own vision.

Moreover, Druzy has a lot of healing properties. It purifies and increases the body’s natural therapeutic properties and reinforces the spirit. It is also believed to offer the stability needed to avoid depression or distorted feelings of panic or fear. It supports the circulatory and resistance of your body and cleanses the reproductive system. Some people also believe that it can be functional in curing an infection.

A lot goes behind Druzy and it’s a bundle of marvels all encapsulated in one tiny stone.

We, at GemMart USA, are home to a collection of Druzy stones and finished jewelry and possess a wide variety for you to pick from. Check them out here!

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