How this Year-Old Etsy Shop’s Crushing It With Lightning Speed

7.5 billion people in the world and we’re each born with unique goals that we go on to accomplish later in our lives. Some of us have always known what these goals are, while some of us are still obscure as to what our calling is. Having said that, how crucial is it to have someone that not only drives you towards your goals but also helps you achieve them?

Blessed are the people that have such driving forces in their lives, who are like shadows, constantly moving with them and have their backs at all points of life.

For our next conversation with a successful small business, we bring to you Kimberly from K Rose Design Co., who has all the support she ever needed to start and run a small business from one person, her husband. Read on.

We see you started your shop just a year back. We’re thrilled to know how your first year on Etsy has been. Please tell us.

The shop will be celebrating its first-year anniversary coming up in April and I still can’t believe a year has gone by! It’s been a whirlwind (in the best way possible). It’s been very busy and fulfilling at the same time. The shop has taken off and been more successful than I had ever envisioned and I feel grateful to be able to do what I love every day.

How did the whole idea to have a shop strike you? Let’s hear the story.

I have always loved doing creative things and had been a stay-at-home mom since the birth of my daughter (who was almost 3 at the time I opened the shop).  I had been looking for a way to contribute financially to my household while not giving up the quality time that I had with my little one. For years (even before becoming a mom) I had wanted to open an Etsy shop but never quite found my niche. My husband Chris was the driving force behind me finally having the courage to go all in and go for it! He saw my talent when I didn’t always see it in myself and encouraged me to buy the equipment/supplies and to put myself out there and give it a try. I am so thankful every day for his continued encouragement and for the nudge he gave me to go for it!

If you think you’ll never be successful or achieve things in life then you aren’t going to put in the effort and you won’t be successful. You just need to believe in yourself and work hard to achieve your goals.

The K Rose Design Co. workshop
How do you make sure you’re running on schedule? Do you have any strict plan that you follow?

Anyone that knows me knows that I am very detail oriented and a schedule is a must for me. Figuring out the best way to run things to ensure everything goes smoothly took a little time in the beginning. I wasn’t expecting to be so successful so quickly so getting a routine down early on has been pivotal in the continued success of my shop. I sit down at the beginning of each week and completely plan my schedule for that week. I make multiple lists that indicate which orders will be worked on each day. I also plan the behind the scenes work that happens daily (new product designs, social media posts, inventory management/ordering supplies, etc.). Organization is key!

We’d love it if you could share your goals for this year.

This year I would love to expand my product line and offer more items. I never imagined the shop would take off the way it did and I’m going to continue working hard to maintain its success.

K Rose Design Co.'s Etsy bestseller Birth Stat Elephant
K Rose Design Co.'s Etsy bestseller Birth Stat Elephant
Do you have any regrets from the past that you’ve learned from?

I really don’t believe in regrets, I’m one of those people that truly believes everything happens for a reason. One thing I’ve learned through my first holiday season as a shop owner is to be better prepared next year for how busy it will be. I managed to keep everything going smoothly but will be extra prepared next year for the time management aspect of the extremely busy holiday season.

How has your family supported you through the journey? Please tell us about the role they play in your success.

My husband Chris has been my number one supporter throughout this whole journey. Besides being the one to encourage me to start this endeavor he is also a huge help within the business itself. I have been a one-woman shop, doing every aspect of this shop on my own (from designing products to creating them, customer service, inventory, planning, listing items, etc.) and I learned early on that with the amount of orders I receive it is nearly impossible to do it on my own while also taking care of a toddler. My husband has stepped in and helped with all the packaging and shipping. He has been up many late nights with me getting items boxed up and ready to ship, he then makes all the daily post office drop-offs. And of course, he is a tremendous help around the house and caring for our daughter (while he also works a full-time job). We are a team and have managed to get a great routine going.

I also have had lots of support from our extended family. They share the items across their social media platforms and spread the word to anyone who will listen. Their encouragement has always meant a lot to me.

Kimberly with her husband, Chris
Kimberly with her husband, Chris
Do you have a favorite quote that has kept you going through tough times? Share with us.

“What you do today can improve all of your tomorrows”.

I really don’t believe in regrets, I’m one of those people that truly believes everything happens for a reason.

If you could go back in time and tell one thing to your younger self, what would it be?

Stop worrying. You will go on to do great things, so just breathe and enjoy yourself.

Bridesmaid Wine Glasses from K Rose Design Co.
When you’re not working, what do you like to spend your time doing?

I love spending time with my family and exploring new places.

Before we end it, lastly, what do you think makes people not succeed in life?

Self-doubt and negativity. If you think you’ll never be successful or achieve things in life then you aren’t going to put in the effort and you won’t be successful. You just need to believe in yourself and work hard to achieve your goals.

Loved the post? Check out our previous conversation with another successful Etsy seller here. Let us know what you think about this shop in the comments below! We’d love to know your opinions.

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