DIY jewelry making ideas you should try right away

The do-it-yourself world is certainly one of the best gifts to mankind. Almost everything you see around can be made yourself, all it requires is the skill and a good step-by-step guide, like this one (well, here’s hoping). Now even you can learn how to make the kind of jewelry that you have a fancy for, seen in those boutiques and call yourself a jewelry designer. Woot!


Bobby Pin Earrings

DIY Jewlery- GemMartUSA

Have old nail paints you aren’t using any longer? Here’s how you can put them to good use! Grab a dozen of bobby pins, 6 for each earring (the number depends on you, really). Paint them according to your will. You could color coordinate them, paint them all alike or paint patterns on them. Once dried, tie around a craft wire along the looped ends of the pins holding them together. Put a jump ring in it, and finish it with an earring hook. Your tassel-like bobby pin earrings are ready for you to rock!


The statement rock ring

DIY Jeweley Ideas- GemMartUSA

DIY Jewelry Ideas- GemMartUSA

Before this came to our lives, we never thought we could create a beautiful piece of jewelry with something as trifling as a rock. But let us show you how! Pick a rock and spray paint it on all sides using a metallic gold spray paint. Once dried, attach the rock to a ring base with a heavy duty glue. Let it dry thoroughly. Wrap a gold craft wire around the rock and the ring base. This will bolster the rock and the ring base, and give it an edgy look at the same time.


Unicorn cuff

DIY Jewelry Ideas- GemMartUSA

This is absolutely the easiest DIY project, with no tools required. All you need is a cuff bangle, roughly about an inch in width and a satin cord. Now, if a rainbow-colored satin cord is available for you then nothing beats that. Simply wrap it around the bangle, but make sure the finishing knot lies on the inner side of it. If it’s not available, fret not. Grab a bunch of colors and start off wrapping one of them. You’ll have to keep putting knots in between to connect different colors but as long as the knot remains unseen, you’re good to go!


The slave bracelet

DIY Jewelry Ideas- GemMartUSA

This delicate yet stunning piece deserves to be a part of your collection. This is how you procure it. Get a lace fabric and tactfully cut out a triangular motif out of it. Mix some white glue with water, roughly 3 to 1 and paint the lace with the mixture. Let it dry. Take a thin metallic chain and measure around your middle finger, cut it, make a loop and put a jump ring to secure it. Leave around two inches of chain hanging to be connected with the lace. Repeat the same for your arm and secure it with a jewelry clasp. Put golden paint on the lace once it’s dry. Attach the lace to the chain using jump rings. And you’re done!


The arrow bracelet

DIY Jelwery Ideas- GemMartUSA

We love recycling old worn-out material and create fun things out of it. This one requires a thin leather belt, preferably an old one because you will be cutting through it. Cut two rectangles out of it, the size you want your arrows to be. Now for the arrows, you may use a template for precision. Once you have the two arrows, pierce one hole each at the front and the back. Put a chain necklace through the holes in your arrows and put it around your wrist. If the size is good enough, put a jewelry clasp to finish it. There you go.

These DIY ideas were amazingly fun for us to try, we hope you feel likewise.

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