DIY Ideas For Christmas Gifting

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By now, we must have made it noticeably obvious how much we love DIYs. We also know how much you dread holiday shopping and how it can be such a pain at times. The holiday season is already a troublesome time for our wallets so it’s near impossible to buy the best gifts.

It’s a couple of days until Christmas and there’s an ample time left to create some lovely handmade gifts for the people you care. What good are holidays if you don’t get to spread some Christmas cheer. With this guide on DIY Christmas gifting, we have you covered.


1. The Cozy Treat for your little sister

DIY Christmas Gifting Ideas- GemMartUSA

Your sister is going to be a fan of this and maybe even fight with you a little less. Collect some of her all-time favorites. Could be her favorite cosmetics, candies etc. You can buy a pair of cozy slippers that are available in a variety of designs, without having you spend much on it. Stuff the slippers with the goodies and put the pair together with a thick ribbon band. There it is!


2. The Wine-apple for your mother

DIY Christmas Gifting Ideas- GemMartUSA

DIY Christmas Gifting Ideas- GemMartUSA

Chocolate and Wine are both something women will always have a fancy for, so you know they can never go wrong. Grab a bottle of wine and put some white paper till the neck of the bottle. You will also need some Ferrero Rochers for this (try not sneaking one in your mouth while you’re at it). Start from the bottom of the bottle and stick the base of the chocolate to it. Go on till the white paper is no longer seen. Once you’re done, get some linear-shaped leaves and stick them all around the neck to give an impression of a pineapple. Wrap it in a plastic sheet and put a ribbon around the neck to make it look presentable.


3. Spa in a Jar for your girl

DIY Christmas Gifting Ideas- GemMartUSA

This customized jar will sweep her off her feet. Pamper her and give her the royal treatment she deserves. You will have to put together a couple of manicure, pedicure, skin care, hair care and body care products. They would not cost you much and at the same time, will take care of your girls’ needs. Put them all in a glass jar with a lid on it. For decorative purposes, you may also tie a ribbon around the jar or put a personalized sticker on top. You can thank us later.


4. Cocktail in a Mug for your man

DIY Christmas Gifting Ideas- GemMartUSA

If you try this one, we’re dying to know how it went! You’ll need a 16oz mason jar mug (the mouth must be at least 2.5″ wide). Get a skinny soda can or of any other drink you see fit for a cocktail. Put it in the mug. Start with two pieces of twine and tie a double knot around the top of your jar. Then make another knot but don’t pull it tight yet, insert a straw then tighten – it makes it easier to start the knot first. Do the same again and add your miniature alcohol bottle. Finish with a double knot to secure. Using only 2 pieces of the twine add a tag of your choice. Then tie a bow with all four stands and cut to finish.


5. Coffee Mug Mixers for just about anyone

DIY Christmas Gifting Ideas- GemMartUSA

If you want something simple yet impactful, hunt no more! Browse through some garage sales and get your hands on some vintage spoons. You may also look for them in flee markets or in stores online. Put a blob of melted chocolate in it, along with some crushed nuts or coconut flakes. You can also sprinkle some coffee while the chocolate’s melted. So turn your mismatched silverware into a batch of sweet treats that will be ideal buddies for your coffee.

We hope you’re able to make your loved ones happy and make the day all the more special with the gifts we’re sure will put a smile on their faces. Happy holidays, everybody!



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