Posted by | August 3, 2019
Know and Nourish your life force, balancing it with healing crystals.

Do you feel that it is not your best day today? Do you feel that you are being bogged down by various emotional, physical and mental issues? When everyday things...

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Posted by | May 4, 2018
Mother’s day gifting guide for hustling mompreneurs

Being a mom is a full time job, add to that the hustle of an entrepreneur, you’ve got yourself a mompreneur who is always rushing to the next thing. If...

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Posted by | April 20, 2018
6 desk essentials every girl boss needs for a successful work day!

Albert Einstein once famously said, “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then is, an empty desk a sign?”. A desk that doesn’t have...

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Posted by | April 13, 2018
Always on the move? Here are some health and wellness tips for working women!

If eating whatever catches your eye on the move is your daily routine, then you’re at the right place. You’re a working woman, with a million responsibilities looming over your...

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Posted by | March 24, 2018
5 relaxation techniques for women on the go!

Ladies, let’s face it, being a boss babe is not an easy task; being an entrepreneur is a constant hustle, a hustle that you love, but a hustle nonetheless. And...

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