Jewelry Photography Done Right 101

With the Digital era ushering in, there is a greater need for visual content connection for people. We all want to make a good impression on our potential customers and now with the rapidly changing times and trends; there are ways you can connect with the masses and show your products especially Jewelry. Did you know that the more creative, genuine, and open you are to your audience, the more they engage with your content?

‘A picture is worth a thousand words. What better way to speak to people than if not with a thousand words at a time!’

Getting the picture which tells all that you want to say is hard sometimes though. We then go for fresh ideas and inspirations for the videos as well as pictures to put forward what we want to share. If you are puzzled with where to start with your images or if you simply want to step out of your comfort zone, don’t stress. The appetite comes from eating; similarly, new jewelry inspiration hits you when you are clicking away.

Here are some references one can use to give people a Behind-the-Scene Glimpse of one’s Jewelry making Journey.

BTS references:


Show your creative process and the inspiration behind it. People are naturally drawn to stories, so if you have a good story to tell in regards to what you are making, let it out. Every new piece and process is a new story.

Challenge your perspective by exploring a variety of camera angles. Playing with different camera angles and experimenting on any angles you think may be appropriate for your subject – from a high angle to bug’s eye view can be done. One can also change their position concerning the subject to discover a different perspective of clicking the pictures. The subject being clicked becomes more interesting with the added creative elements that can also alter the background.

Introducing new perspectives to your customers is fun, so don’t be afraid to try different points of view when photographing and showcasing your jewelry. Remember that photos are after all another way to tell stories and every person has their own way to interpret a story that is being told. When you present your stories to them using the same angles every single day, they may get uninterested after a point of time. Always try to make sure that the product is being seen through fresh eyes. Efforts must be put to reinvigorate the beauty of your jewelry product images and not let it go stale.


Voila! Get Your Visuals Noticed.

The top shot angle is considered the best to depict the method of creation. While working on jewelry, it helps storytell the process of creating a jewelry piece, from scratches to the final product clearly and seeing the hands helps the audience connect with the creator.


Keeping all the tools in one frame helps show what all is needed for the jewelry creation. It simplifies the process as well as inspires those who want to create similar pieces. Most audiences tend to refer to images where all the necessary materials to create something new are shown to do the same.


I can see all the supplies I need!

You need some images where the jewel and the making supplies are the protagonists, with little or no composition. The focus is on the product, without distracting elements. White background, high-resolution details, and perfect colors are the key for the right shot. You can be more creative and playful if you’re tired of the white background photography. One can use the textured, colored, indoor, or outdoor background as long as it’s not overdone to the point that the subject disappears in the background.

Furthermore, do take in-context photos. Doing this will make your jewelry more desirable to the customers as this will help them visualize how the product would look on them and how it would make them feel if the product was their own.

3:   Videos are perfect to get the attention of customers, and now there are even more options to play with. Given are some of the options one may find on Instagram:

  •           Boomerangcaptivating mini videos that loop back and forth. Making jewelry BTS boomerang works all the time.
  •           Rewindvideos playing in reverse. Perfect for falling objects (Eg: It’s an attractive way to show beads or loose gems used in the video)
  •           Hands-freerecording videos without the necessity to keep holding the record button



All your jewelry supply naturally becomes your stock. Taking uninterrupted videos of your stock will make sure that your customers will know that you are not lacking and that you will be able to meet their demand easily. This also allows a sneak peek into what kind of products you have to offer. Also, a systematic organization of the stock leaves a good impression on the viewers.


Video Excerpt Credit goes to EurekaCrystalBeads


Sloppy appearance is considered to be a sign of low self-esteem, which is usually accompanied by a lack of concern for quality. That is why we react positively to people who have a clean personal appearance. The same goes for the Warehouse. Showing the customers where the main work happens boosts their interest in the products. This way they connect to the product more since they have seen where the initial processes are done on the product.

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