Always on the move? Here are some health and wellness tips for working women!

If eating whatever catches your eye on the move is your daily routine, then you’re at the right place. You’re a working woman, with a million responsibilities looming over your head, so healthy eating isn’t exactly on top of your priority list. Sometimes, the workday sucks everything out of you, and you can’t be bothered with cooking, so takeout is your best friend. It is convenient, but this lifestyle, in the long run, is unhealthy and potentially dangerous to your well being. So, boss babes, here’s some wellness wisdom for working women you will find helpful!

Food First, Coffee Later

Doesn’t matter how tempting it is, and even if it helps you go from a zombie to a whiz kid, don’t start your day with a coffee. Yes, we know you think you can’t function without coffee being the first thing in your body, but you need to protect your stomach first. Eat something, light but filling, like some nuts and then you can go as planned with your cup of Joe, otherwise, your digestive system is definitely going to the dogs.

Portion It Out

Snacking while working is a habit most entrepreneurs pick up, in a bid to get something in their digestive systems, however, most of the times they tend to be unhealthy processed snacks in large quantities (’cause the one you start with fried anything it’s really hard to stop). To stop this, you need to pre-portion your snacks and make them the healthy kind. Pick snacks like nuts or fruits and make them limited to portions, so you don’t feel sluggish all through the day and feel full at the same time.

A Lunch Schedule?

Sounds strange and not doable, but trust us this will free up a lot of your time, ladies. Knowing that you will be eating at the same time every day will free your mind of the ‘when and what do I eat’ debate. You’ll have a fixed time to eat your lunch so you will plan the rest of your day around it, making your lunch stress free. Plus, if you know what time you’re eating and how long you will have, you can plan the meal itself.

Hydrate and Hydrate Some More

Hydration, as you may have heard ladies is the key to great skin, great hair and great body and basically water can wash all your sins. Not only does drinking water throughout the day keep you fresh and takes care of your well being, it forces you to get up from your place to go to the bathroom. That call of nature just might save you because staying in the same place doesn’t do your body good.

Walk and Talk

For those who can’t chalk in a workout, this is the next best thing. Your phone is constantly glued to you if you are an entrepreneur; and walking while talking on your cell phone is the perfect way to get the much needed physical activity in your otherwise stationary life. So, keep earphones, a pen and paper handy every time you have to make a call, because your body needs it.

So, ladies add these to your to-do list and hustle your way to a successful business and healthy body.

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