6 desk essentials every girl boss needs for a successful work day!

Albert Einstein once famously said, “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then is, an empty desk a sign?”. A desk that doesn’t have the essentials to keep your creative juices flowing is one that begets distraction. Since no one should ignore the words of a certified genius, we have a list of things you need on your desk to keep in work mode. So scroll on for 6 desk essentials every girl boss needs for a successful work day!

Tissues and Hand Sanitizer

We’re sure you have had the days when you just don’t have enough hours in the day to do all that you need to, so you end up eating lunch at your desk. Well, this is just the situation you will need tissues and hand sanitizer. Besides, the days you have a cold are literal hell on earth, and you will run out of both of these things pretty fast, but it’ll sure be handy to have them right at your desk.

Healthy Snacks

With all the hard working, you are bound to feel hungry, but not really for a full meal; that’s where snacks come in, and if you have to leave every time you feel even slightly hungry, then your desk is not fulfilling the purpose it was bought for. Having snacks handy, will keep you full throughout the day and you stay healthy too, all from the comfort of your desk!


Sometimes you need to cut out the background noise, and really go in on the work at hand. When solo is the direction you’re taking, having a pair of headphones seems like a relief. Music helps you relax, and zone in on the task at hand, plus you don’t disturb anyone around you either. So keep a playlist ready, pull out the headphones and forget the rest of the world.


Hydration is the most important factor in staying on top of your game. A dehydrated you can never take great decisions when it comes to hustling for your career. Nobody really remembers to drink water throughout the day, but when a bottle of water is right in front of your eyes it will be harder to forget.

Pretty Things

No creative thinking can take place at a bland looking desk; a few pretty knick-knacks in your working space can really up your creativity and productivity. So be it a tiny succulent, a pretty tray to hold all your things or just a beautiful pen holder, they can all add to your creative output.


You must be thinking, ‘but this is the digital age, why do we need stationery at all? Isn’t there an app that can do this for us?’ You’re right, there probably are a million apps to help you jot down important things on your mind; but having pen and paper on your desk is not just for emergencies, it can be therapeutic as well. The simple task of writing down things instead of typing them, can help you collect your thoughts.

So, do you have all of these in your work space?

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