5 Tips and Tricks On How To Be A Morning Person

If you think “morning people” are like some mythical creatures that don’t really exist, or rather, you want to believe they don’t exist, well, we feel you. The whole idea sounds fictitious. How can anyone possibly be a morning person?! Don’t they enjoy those few hours in a day when you endure pure joy?! Or so we thought.

Apparently, it’s not such a bad idea, after all. In fact, it has copious benefits you probably never gave a thought to. Those couple hours in the morning you’d have spent sleeping instead can definitely be used doing something productive. Or, maybe not. You can simply enjoy a carefree time in isolation and do things you fancy. Once you fathom how therapeutic those early hours in absolute peace and serenity can be, you won’t look back.

Allow us to help you out with a few tips that we swear by, on how to become an early riser.

Ditch that Snooze button

When they say “You snooze, you lose”, they mean it. Putting an alarm on your phone may not be a good idea, after all. Your phone’s alarm is like your mom, strict on the outside and soft on the inside. Get a table clock that knows what it’s doing, that doesn’t have a snooze button, that you can’t fool into believing you’ll be up in the next 5 minutes. The 5 minutes that never seem to end.

Or snooze smart

If you really want to use your phone as an alarm, we have a great hack for you. It might seem overwhelming to even think about skipping a couple hours of sleep all at once. Try waking up just a minute earlier each day. This way, you’ll end up waking up half an hour earlier than your original wake up time without even realizing it. How cool would that be!

Plan an irresistible breakfast

Prepare a nice, wholesome menu at night for breakfast in the morning and gather all the ingredients beforehand. Make sure it’s a meal that you love. It will be an additional incentive for you to wake up early in the morning.

Get your hands at a fun app.

Did you know how many apps there are, devoted to waking you up on time every morning? Try Wake n Shake , which makes you shake your phone in order to turn off the app. Better Me shares your failure to your Facebook every time you hit snooze. There are also apps, like Sleep Cycle, that use motion sensors to monitor your movement and determine the best time to wake you within a preset window.

Let the light seep in

Turns out, our brain isn’t that smart after all. Whether it’s natural or artificial, light is vital because it tells the brain that the day has begun and sends signals to the body to stop making melatonin, the hormone that helps regulate sleep. Awesome right? So let loose those blinds the first thing in the morning!

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