5 Must-Try DIYs For Christmas Decorations

The time of the year has come on the scene again when we can’t contain our happiness and zeal. Yes, it’s Christmas month we’re talking about! It’s time to festive up your home, light up every nook and cranny with laughter, joy and of course those lovely decors.

While the readymade decorations look nothing less than perfect, they lack a special personalized touch of love. That’s what we’re here to help you with. It may seem like a tiresome job and also like a lot of time, effort, and money but in fact, it’s not. With a little bit of time in hand and the right supplies, you can easily turn your home into a Winter Wonderland. So prepare yourselves to be majorly inspired by these DIY Christmas decoration ideas.


1. Pop-flake


Willing to make a quick run to the dollar store? This one needs two packs of wooden popsicle sticks and about a couple minutes. Lay down your snowflake design and place the sticks in the same manner on a table. You might have to break the sticks according to the need for your design. With a glue gun, stick one end to another and you should be fine. To hang it on a wall, just use some stick-on mounting tabs. You’ll simply adore your beautified walls.


2. The spoon tree


Plastic spoons – the easiest find. We’re sure you’ll agree to this. Grab about 50-75 plastic spoons and cut their tops off. Use a spray paint to spray all the spoon tops. For this, you may use the same spray paint throughout or make your tree colorful. Pick a paper mache in a Christmas tree form and begin gluing the tops onto it, starting at the bottom using hot glue. Vary the spacing on different layers so that the spoons alternate on the layers. Keep on working your way up to the top till it’s done!


3. Icy branches


How amazing do iced branches look? Now you can make them yourselves. Place a sheet of newspaper down for the work area. Pour a pile of Colorfill Diamonds (and German glass glitter for extra sparkle) in the center. Place tacky glue on the branches and smooth it out along the branch (not in big clumps). Then fold the paper slightly, then roll the branch in the Diamonds (and glitter). Let it sit for about 45 minutes. Now, work on the opposite side of the branch. Wait for 30 mins. and voila! Your faux iced branch is here.


4. Flameless fire pit


Yes, we kid you not. This super easy DIY Christmas decoration is a must this time. Put fabric stiffener or glue to a strip of white lace, making sure it’s saturated. Wrap the lace around a branch. Make sure to overlap the lace a little so that there are no holes and you can no longer see the branch. Repeat until all your branches are covered and let dry. Now, arrange some rocks in a circular shape and put yellow fairy lights in the middle. Make sure to leave the plug end of the lights on the outside of the circle. Arrange your branches in a cone-like shape. And look, you’ve done it!


5. Lit burlap garland


Ever thought burlap could be used as a decor like this one? Prepare to be amazed by the results. Cut the burlap into strips of 10 x 2 inches. You could pick red and green for the colors, considering Christmas feel. Or it’s all your wish. Choose a pattern in the order you want the colors to show.  Start tying those burlap strips around fairy lights, knotting it once. Repeat over and over, till you’ve covered the entire wire with these strips. Your idle DIY Christmas decoration is ready!

We love trying fun and creative DIYs out there and bringing them to you. We hope they’re working out for you as much as they are for us. Sending positive Christmas vibes your way!



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