5 desk exercises for ladies who have no time for a workout session!

If being chained to your desk all day is your everyday routine, then you’re at the right place. Logging in hours after hours into your dream, can take a toll on your physical health. While screen staring might be good for your business, a sedentary lifestyle is not good for your body; but what’s a girl to do when a working day has only so many hours? Well, it’s your lucky day ladies because we have some exercises for which you won’t need to hit the gym at all! So, scroll down for 5 desk exercises for ladies who have no time!

Stand At Ease

This may not be much of an exercise, but standing up, after uninterrupted periods of sitting down, does you more good than you think it does. An inactive lifestyle, with just sitting in one position all day long increases the risk of diabetes and obesity; so get up, take a round maybe, but stand up whenever you can.

Dumbbell at Work?

No, we’re not asking you to bring one to work, that would just make YOU look dumb; but for an arm and shoulder workout, you don’t need one at all. We trust that you have a stapler, or something similar on your desk, so pick it up, and curl your arm like you would at the gym with a regular dumbbell. Keep those arms toned with this easy desk exercise.

Say No To The Elevator

This might be the oldest tip in the ‘get fit’ guide, but taking stairs instead of the elevator will help you get the cardio in without the added work of getting into your work out clothes. If you’re feeling particularly good, then you can even get some speed and take two stairs at time to really feel that burn!

When You Just don’t Know

We all have those days, when you don’t what’s up with life in general, and where your headed, so your response to most things is an ‘eh’ with a shrug. Well, believe it or not, you just worked out! For better results though, try doing shoulder shrugs 15 at a time and hold each one for about 5 seconds; that will be a lot of ‘having no clue at all’ , but hey your back and neck will get a work out.


Let’s agree to one thing, swivel chairs are the best thing to happen since sliced bread. If you’re tempted to just go ‘weeeee’, then do it, because it’s good for your core. Of course, there is a method to this madness. Sit yourself at an arm’s length from your desk, and raise your legs parallel to the desk. Now reach for the desk with your hands and pull till your chest touches the desk and now push, to get back and do this at least 20 times to get that work out, plus it’s super fun too!

Get to work ladies, cause now you can work out right at your desk with these 5 desk exercises for ladies who have no time!

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